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Usar EDP Oil


Usar EDP Oil

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Product Type: Eau De Parfum Oil
Brand: Euphorium Brooklyn
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
Style: Unisex


USAR by Euphorium Brooklyn is sourced from the finest rare oils, tinctures and absolutes using the traditional euphoria komodo process. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. Euphorium Brooklyn reimagines Victorian-era perfumery. Based on historical detail, fiction and non-fiction merge in this strange tale of three perfumers from the 1860′s. USAR is the third chapter of this journey.

Perfumer Rudolph Komodo (1859) describes the inspiration behind USAR as:
“A refreshing breeze drifts on the melody of an Indonesian Suling and leaves a fragrant wake in the warm, sultry night air. Exotic and seductive, rich notes of citrus, spice, resin and root are wooed by ancient incantations to create this vivid palette from the wild islands of the origins of perfumery. The bright lime of Java, the Jeruk Nipis, awakens our senses, then eases to indulge us with a feast of spices. Crisp ginger and clove sparkle like the delicate tones of the Kecapi Harp of Sunda. Sweetened and sustained by the ocean’s offering of sweet ambergris, raw palm sugar and rich caramel notes of Benzoin from Sumatra, unfold like the plaintive melodies of the music of West Java.

Deep accords sound from the golden gongs and bells of the Gamelan Degung in intoxicating and complex layers like the most precious Gaharu Wood from Irian Jaya. Just an island away, Komodo Dragons stealthily retreat from the ocean’s edge through cool fragrant Vetiver and Cypriol grasses to nest in the dark damp earth. Sensual and compelling, the roots of the Sundanese Usar
leads us to our deepest memories and allow our senses to linger in sweet primal sentiment.

Find refuge in the cool earth from which we came.”

Fragrance Notes: Javanese Lime, Ginger, Clove, Sweet Raw Palm Sugar, Fragrant Resins, Roots, Damp Earth

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1 review for Usar EDP Oil

  1. jrmcquill (verified owner)

    This is not flamboyant like 100 Tweeds. This is a subtle fragrance, giving me pine bed, wet earth and a whiff of smoke. This made me think of Norne by Slumberhouse, toned down. There is faint citrus at the opening, but I believe the ginger balances out the earthy and semi-sweet qualities through the end. Good, certainly not great. Thumb neutral and a pass.

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