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Une Amourette Roland Mouret


Une Amourette Roland Mouret

Etat Libre d'Orange

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental

Style: Unisex

A spritzable celebration of ‘dress to undress’, Roland Mouret’s Une Amourette is a scintillating, subtle, streamlined wonder. Neroli dawns, a particularly insistent beam of sunlight that can slice through even the greyest winter day. As neroli enlivens our inner sanctum, we begin to glow and feel open, tender, atingle with possibilities. Iris is the natural outcome of neroli’s irresistible provocation, a soft, voile of spicy, buttery, silken sweetness that shimmers like skin kissed with the sweat of desire.

Vanilla conveys the softest of skin, beckoning us to reach out and touch; almost an invisible presence herein, vanilla is totally texture and structure, delectably dense even as it remains in (virtual) olfactory absence. While vanilla engineers an ethereal, invisible softness, akigalawood gifts Une Amourette with a sturdiness that allows this scent to simultaneously stand up and sink into skin, creating a lusciously drawn out sillage.

A saline, patchouli-derived synthetic reminiscent of a fragile oud, akigalawood also counters the floral sweetness of this scent, so that Une Amourette makes us pucker, ever so pleasantly, as if to prepare for the inevitable kiss (of admiration or lust) it will inevitably attract. A fantastically sheer, sexy creation, this love affair is one you’re sure to enjoy.

Fragrance Notes:

Neroli, Iris, Vanilla, Akigalawood, Patchouli

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Une Amourette Roland Mouret

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