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Times Square


Times Square

Eau De Parfum

Masque Milano

Country of Origin: Italy

Style: Unisex

Times Square is a fragrance trying to depict the smellscape of Manhattan (Broadway/Times Square) in the 90’s. Neon lights, street food, rubber of hot tires, prostitutes with red-glossy-lipstick and “slutty” fragrances. As you can imagine, finding the right nose was quite a demanding job. For years, Masque Milano had been admiring Bruno Jovanovic for what he did with Abercrombie & Fitch (Fierce). That fragrance marked a new era of olfactorial marketing. When Bruno started working with Frederic Malle, Masque Milano feared he would become a super-star and chances to work with him would completely vanish. Fortunately, one year ago they approached him with this collaboration, which he enthusiastically accepted. Creating Times Square was yet another massive endeavour, but Bruno is not only uber-talented, he and his team are so professional. The IFF team brought Masque Milano to their greenhouse in New Jersey, where they did some headspaces for them (including the Headspace of Central Park’s flowers!). The final result is exactly how they imagined it. A fragrance so rich and faceted, as in many of Masque’s other “daring” compositions – and very exciting to experience.

Fragrance Notes:

Hazelnut, Glossy Lipstick, Tuberose, Osmanthus, Sandalwood, Gaiacwood, Styrax

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Times Square
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Times Square

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