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Eau De Parfum

Olfactive Studio

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Style: Unisex

Slick your hair back, shimmy into your skinny jeans, perfect your part of choice and squeeze through a stylish sternum piercing; Selfie is here to stay. Entirely androgynous, this steely scent represents the strength, determination and makeover-induced joy of self invention. Elemi and ginger encourage shimmering positivity. Star anise unabashedly reinforces this sparkling message. Incense and angelica are soft, calm moments of reflection that humanize the emerging image. Suddenly a river of maple syrup cascades over the preceding scene, freezing the subtler, more modest aspects of Selfie’s identity. This pure, sepia sweetness signals a high-gloss segue, and cinnamon, lily and cabreuva are diverse, radiant co-stars in this transformative performance. Cinnamon evokes total comfort, lily triggers visions of austere, flawless beauty, while cabreuva’s camphoric relief renders a clear-headed conscientiousness. Suede and styrax supply a suave, refreshing animalism that reminds us of the luxury of exploring others, once we’ve achieved personal liberation. Labdanum’s rich resin penetrates oakmoss’ soft, porous pile until the fruity bite of green patchouli rips through from this romantic coupling. The fresh, earthy sugar of tonka bean is complimented by dry, floral shavings of sandalwood, ensuring these base indulgences stay balanced. Pithy, playful hints of confidence have evolved into the real thing; a subtle, unique, indisputable presence. Selfie’s tangy, teflon-chic is a new taste–or perspective. As shiny as the self-reflective surface that adorns this bottle, this scent illustrates the endless joy of celebrating of ourselves. Gaze into it’s entrancing waters, and see everything as you imagine it could be. Build yourself a home in Selfie.

Fragrance Notes:

Elemi, Ginger, Star Anise, Incense, Angelica, Accord of Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Lily, Cabreuva, Accord of Suede, Styrax, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

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