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Red Musc


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Red Musc

Eau De Parfum

Mad et Len

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Style: Unisex

Incredibly subtle, intoxicatingly sensual. Red Musc is slowly coaxed into a robust glow on skin. Like vermillion coals, this scent heats up and retains its own energy, creating the kind of scented cipher that defies definition. In it we smell the soft lusciousness of musk, distilled into vapor, like hot steam streaming from an invisible source through a seemingly solid surface. The elegant bones of woodsy notes lend structure to Red Musc, but no amount one element completely contains this amorphous entity. Violet-colored jets of gas spurt out of nowhere, infusing the air with a spicy, if anonymous energy. Flames the color of alcohol fan into blue-eyed peacock feathers, and then back into orange and reds again, changing color as the fire grows hotter or colder. The steady, saline twinkle of amber is visible just beneath everything, a steady hum of dusty, resinous friction that keeps this scent grounded. Red musc winks like white starlight and glows red like the bodies that make musc. This is an infrared fragrance, ideal for staying warm but stealth in the darkest moments.

Fragrance Notes:

Musk, Wood, Spice, Amber

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