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Prolixe En Aparte



Prolixe En Aparte

Eau De Parfum

Histoires De Parfums

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Woody Oriental

Style: Unisex

An abundance of riches. Prolixe is a full, opulent gourmand, characterized by a profusion of rich spices, which shimmer against a profoundly balmy and woodsy backdrop. Initially, Prolixe is tangy and playful. Grapefruit is acid-spice, cassis is richly sweet and pineapple casts a golden sweetness over everything, a toothache-inducing King Midas gift from the gods. Together, these sumptuous fruits represent a wealth of story, and surround and envelope us with a sense of the infinite.

While fresh top notes explode up narrative possibilities, saffron and cardamom entrance and seduce with their floral, electric heat. Together, these untamable spices generate an enormous blaze, enhanced by the illuminating thrill of orange blossom. These heart notes reward sensual distraction, indulgence, illustrating a wandering nymph spirit that can never be contained. Based notes reinforce the free heart of Prolixe, rather than nail it down. Cedar’s rose colored disco-ball of endless dimensions refracts the irresistible creaminess of verdant sandalwood, which in turn invites patchouli’s earthy strength. These base elements generate some serious friction, which is reflected in labdanum’s all-encompassing warmth, and the irrefutable, savory bind of Leather. Exuberantly excessive, Prolixe celebrates and enthrones anything ultra. (Derived from Latin. Prolixus: That which is widely diffused)

LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a COMPLIMENTARY 15ml Travel Spray ($45 ) plus a HDP Discovery Set ($22) when you purchase a 120ml fragrance from the En Aparte collection. Supplies are very limited so act fast.

Fragrance Notes:

Grapefruit, Cassis, Pineapple, Saffron, Cardamom, Orange Blossom, Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Labdanum, Leather

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SIZE: 120ml + 15ml spray + HDP Sample Set

120ml + 15ml Traveler + HDP Sample Set

SIZE: 15ml
Sample Vial Twisted Lily Brooklyn
SIZE: 0.7ml Sample

Product Description

About En Aparte Collection:
Perfume is expression, a brave declaration and a secret passion; the En Aparte Collection explores this private-public, fragrant duality. Comprised of three distinct but connected compositions (Irrévérent, Outrecuidant, Prolixe) Gerald Ghislain designed En Aparté for his own, private use…until he was inspired to release this trio to the public. Liberating libations worth sharing.

Governed by impulse rather than rules, En Aparte takes us deeper into the extraordinary interior of Ghislain’s imagination, which is fleshed out with exquisite materials and in the delightful, enmeshed poetry of both Eastern and Western fragrant traditions. These sublimely spacious scents are practical magic.


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