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Eau De Parfum

source adage NYC

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Green

Style: Unisex

Meaning Great Spirit in the Croatoan dialect of the Carolina Algonquins. Monto’ac is an inspiring fragrance of forest and coastal accords, that sweeps the wearer sweetly off whatever humdrum ground they may be treading and relocates them to the fecund beauty of the Carolinas. A purifying stream of silver sage snakes through the undergrowth of this scent, contributing a minty-herbal cool that calms and tempers the riper aspects of this fragrance: for instance, native white grape is initially tangy and barely sweet, but as it ripens on the vine it grows full and juicy, ever so slightly redolent of almonds, when combined with the fresh sugar vivacity of green tobacco curling into a tanned, honeyed hue just at the tips.

Oakmoss is the downy bed upon which these elements collect and through its tendrilled textures, sift into a consolidated whole. Tree resins add bittersweetness for balance, while well worn leather stretches out the lasting power of Monto’ac. A harmonious scent for the spirit and the soul, this newest fragrance from Source Adage is green and lush.

Fragrance Notes:

Silver Sage, Native White Grape, Green Tobacco Leaf, Oakmoss, Tree Resins, Leather

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