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Lonesome Rider


Lonesome Rider

Eau De Parfum

Tauer Perfumes

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Style: Unisex

Andy Tauer goes back a decade, to create a fragrance that is breathtakingly bold, uniquely beautiful, yet totally wearable. Lonesome Rider follows the narrative of Lonestar Memories and L’air Du Desert Marocain while marching into new territory. Like sunrise sizzling over the desert, Lonesome Rider is as matter-of-fact and rejuvenating. Grapefruit and bergamot present as alternate yellow and pink rays, sprinkling this arid landscape with enriching light. Pepper imitates the sizzle as the last of the evening’s dew evaporates into the day. Clove and rose resemble the aqueous yet prickly textures of cactus, or a desert rose opening in the insurgent light. At its core, Lonesome Rider is iris root and leather, a combination steeped in classicism. Smoky yet clean and fresh, iris smoothes the leather’s rough surface. Castoreum glows beneath this central duo, the warm horse, nostrils steaming and feet slowly stamping, as its rider prepares for a long journey. Vetiver illuminates the small bursts of grass that clump where rivers used to run. Ambergris evokes the skeletal remains of creatures buried beneath the sand while sandalwood shadows sand-smoothed stumps of tree, withered to a finely polished point in this sun burnished landscape. The spicy citrus leavens the darkly floral, animalic aspects of this central duo, while the long lasting woody base adds and controls proportion in this fragrance of outstanding longevity and silage.

Lonesome Rider may sound like a solitary endeavor, but it surrounds the wearer in the natural beauty of desert, so that any adventurer always feels accompanied. Like the twinkle of light against the horizon, Lonesome Rider encourages, intrigues and inspires us to gaze beyond our own familiar shores. Enlivening and contemplative, Lonesome Rider is the perfect friend on this indeterminate voyage.

Fragrance Notes:

Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pepper, Clove, Rose, Iris, Leather, Castoreum, Vetiver, Ambergris, Sandalwood

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Lonesome Rider

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