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Jasmine Smoke



Jasmine Smoke

Eau De Parfum

Heretic Parfums

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Floral

Style: Unisex

Little’s home in Los Angeles has a dividing wall covered in pink jasmine. When in bloom, the abundance of flowers produces an overwhelming fragrance that can be smelled for hundreds of feet in every direction. One evening, Little had a group of friends over; some were smoking cigarettes near the blooming wall, and the combination of smoldering tobacco mixed with the sweet, heady jasmine had Little spellbound, and determined to capture this fragrance.

Jasmine Smoke translates Little’s home magic into something more easily trasnportable and happily less transient. Initially crisp and citrusy, Jasmine Smoke opens with juicy, zesty bergamot, imbued with a particularly spicy, woody coriander. At the interior of this fragrance, jasmine lies, calm yet seductive, and utterly undeniable. A marriage of silky tonka bean, leathery blonde tobacco and singed choya ral creates a smoky-savory base that beautifully balances the heady sweetness of jasmine. A big, gorgeous fragrance that can play out as quiet background noise if appropriately dosed. Jasmine Smoke is hit of pure pleasure.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Coriander, Jasmine Absolute, Tonka Bean, Blonde Tobacco, Choya Ral

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Product Description

Heretic fragrances are comprised entirely of natural ingredients, and thus can be subtler than a synthetic fragrance. Apply generously where desired, and re-apply liberally throughout the day. Natural fragrances are heavily influenced by your body chemistry. Heretic perfumes bond and evolve with the skin, to create a one-of-a-kind scent that is unique to the individual wearer. Heretic fragrances are not gender specific—each makes a singular statement on both men and women. Because they adapt to the body chemistry of the wearer, they will naturally smell more feminine on women and more masculine on men.

Because heretic perfumes are composed of organic materials, it’s best to keep them away from extreme temperatures such as excessive cold or heat. Keep in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or intense artificial light.


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