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Feu De Bengale



Feu De Bengale

Eau De Parfum

J. Lesquendieu

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Floral

Style: Unisex

Utterly delicious. Feu de Bengale is a light, resonant creation that sings sweetly on skin. Fig and almond lend a moment of voluptuous gourmand intensity, balanced by the vivacious floral tones of davana. As ripe davana unfolds, rose sweeps in, matching this fruity floral with a dose of red berry tart. Iris is cool, and the effervescence it generates leavens Feu de Bengale so that the whole scent floats above skin, a shimmering cloud of delicate, otherworldly radiance. Mandarin shines through iris, illuminating its amorphous, sparkling softness with the succinct intensity of sunshine. Feu de Bengale is balanced between rich sweetness and a refreshingly acidic, shimmering heat. Tolu balsam infuses Feu de Bengale with a bittersweetness that solidifies a delectable, alto tang at the base of this scent. Tolu balsam’s edge counters vanilla assuaging tenor; satin, creamy contours reminiscent of a magical healing elixir characterize this Madagascan element. Tonka bean unifies with its shimmering energy, reiterating the even keel of Feu de Bengale. Luscious yet dexterously controlled, this fragrance supplies a sense of opulence without waste. Look no further for an ingeniously reimagined, irresistible vanilla.

Fragrance Notes:

Fig, Almond, Davana, Rose, Iris, Mandarin, Tolu Balsam, Vanilla, Musc, Tonka Bean

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