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Cuir X


Cuir X

Eau De Parfum

La Parfumerie Moderne

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Leather

Style: Unisex

Cuir X is the whispered tale of a rendezvous; opposite the Tuileries, at the bar of a grand hotel once patronized by kings, an emperor’s mistress and a Catalan genius meet. They remove to a private alcove, and sip whisky on a leather couch. Time stops and restarts, moving backwards. Cabin trunks, club chairs and shagreen powder compacts appear in this interior, evidence of transients of significant means. As the space fills with hallmark objects of 1920s globetrotters, ghostly flappers and adventurers repopulate and revive this neglected landmark. A strong, insoluble pillar of amber is central to the structure of time travel in Cuir X, a golden beam that both holds up the ceiling of this crumbling landmark and pries open the doors to the building’s past. As amber's glow unifies the now with the forgotten, saffron creeps, its tendril tentacles winding slowly around the thick, burnished body of a dark leather.

A fine-grained powder, (iris) both accentuates and mellows the bitter, metallic, saline animalism of amber, saffron and leather. Caramel-colored vanilla imparts a gourmand, solid sweetness which affords a comfortably plush platform from which to watch this process of resuscitation unfold. Still, vanilla is prevented from becoming overly saccharine by streams of pink-grey, acidic smoke of cistus labdanum that unfurl from the corners of this transforming space, the fragrant exhaust of inter-century travel. Tonka bean provides a final zap of time-travel electricity and vintage eclecticism, it’s coca cola fizz bubbling upwards and erasing our memories of all that has come and gone in this magical, Tuileries hide-away. As full of nostalgic fun as it is sparsely reminiscent of the present, Cuir X reads like a forgotten letter between lovers, rediscovered a hundred years later; the meaning of it’s content is universal, immediately relatable and inspiring. Dare to wear this transporting scent, and test the limits of time.

Fragrance Notes:

Mandarin, Elemi, Jasmine, Iris, Saffron, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Styrax, Labdanum

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Cuir x

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