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Le Galion Cuir


Le Galion Cuir

Eau De Parfum

Le Galion

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Leather

Style: Unisex

In 1960, Dior asked Paul Vacher to create a fragrance that had presence and strength, but that retained a refined, extremely subtle profile. In answer to this request, Vacher created Diorling. Based entirely around the scent of leather, Vacher chose his materials with the utmost care, as he endeavored an olfactory leather bag. Vacher recreated the handbag of a woman, a beautiful luxurious bag that’s as soft as the skin of one’s neck. This imaginary creation was “seamless…as light as a caress ” according to Chandler Burr, (Dior Perfumes 2014).

Paul Vacher was long established as a leather master in the olfactory world. In 1931, he had created Scandal for Lanvin, still considered a modern masterpiece.

Le Galion is proud to celebrate Vacher’s vision and talent in Cuir, an original creation on that’s as light and effortlessly beautiful as Vacher’s Scandal and Diorling. Cuir opens on a citric note: bergamot presides over the forthcoming elements of Cuir with a beneficet smile, casting a kindly, hazy light, that softens as it illuminates. Elemi oil builds a sense of polish and glow, while adding a richer acidity than bergamot. In contrast to elemi’s tart edge, white lily is satin soft and relatively sweet, but like elemi this flower shines, it’s pure white light approximating the pearlescent glint of bare skin. Ambergris is a saline solution that erodes any toughness or stringency, engineering the relaxed state triggered by a swim in warm waters. Musk’s gentle animalism reminds us of Cuir’s origins without belaboring the point: the main goal of musk is integration, and it effectively champions the easy synthesis of each element of Cuir, creating the ‘seamless’ quality celebrated by Burr. Sandalwood’s supple green texture has a lactic dimension that augments our imagery of Cuir, populated by creamy contours. Rich and sensuous but never overpowering, Cuir is an elegant, eternally chic emblem of great fragrant taste.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Elemi, White Lily, Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood

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