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Cilice EDP 50ml
Cilice EDP 50ml


Eau De Parfum

Euphorium Brooklyn

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Woody Oriental

Style: Unisex

Released in 2016, Cilice EDP uses perfumer's alcohol instead of oil, for better sillage and projection. The new formula uses more Labdanum and Frankincesnse, with a little less smoke. CILICE by Euphorium Brooklyn is sourced from the finest rare oils, tinctures and absolutes using the traditional euphoria komodo process. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. CILICE features incense, beeswax, sweet balsam, wounded wood and leather accord.

Euphorium Brooklyn reimagines Victorian-era perfumery. Based on historical detail, fiction and non-fiction merge in this strange tale of three perfumers from the 1860′s. CILICE is the first chapter of this journey. Perfumer Monsieur Etienne Chevreuil created an immersive art form he called, “Tableaux Olfactif ” in which he would perfume an empty salon to recreate a specific environment and scene that would unfold over time and be told by scent and scent alone.

With CILICE, Etienne sought to capture and convey the sensuality of the environment and intensity of emotion when a young nun is encountered in her cloistered cell. An intimate and ecstatic moment is observed as she becomes transcendent.

“Velvet curtains, crisp linen, dusty gilt, crumbling plaster and parchment are exalted to a subtle perfume by warm shafts of sunlight. As fragrant tears are drawn from the wounds of ancient Agarwood, Benzoin and Olibanum trees, the Cilice releases a purer self that transcends her suffering. Bound tight by soft leather, a note of rusted metal sinks into deeper notes of warm skin and animal musk to discipline the flesh and release the soul. Her sweet release, an ecstatic moment of extreme emotion and sensation is captured in the deepest memory of scent. A child of the little flower, I now know her Ecstasy of Devotion…I am at once both soothed and intrigued by the dry air that carries in its memory a myriad of fragrant notes that weave an exquisite tapestry of incense, wax, wood and leather. Patiently crafted by countless wisps of rich incense, the patina of time is lifted by the soft, effusive light of sweet beeswax candles. Something darker, both sensual and primitive, compels a deeper breath.”
– Perfumer Etienne Chevreuil.  The Ecstasy of Devotion (1856)

Fragrance Notes:

Benzoin, Labdanum, Frankincense, Elemi, Leather, Beeswax, Angelica, Cistus, Clove, Honey, Papyrus, Cloister Liquor, Ambergris, Oud, Cedar, Coumarin, Birch Tar, Castoreum

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Cilice EDP 50ml
SIZE: 50ml

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Product Description

About the Perfumer, Etienne Chevreuil:
1860’s co-founder of Euphorium Brooklyn and self proclaimed “Transcendental Sensualist”, Mr. Etienne Chevreuil evolved theories of achieving euphoric states through the use of acoustically harmonized perfume and ritualistic ceremony.

The original Euphorium Brooklyn perfumes were intended as elements of larger elaborate, transcendental rituals referred to as “Knowing – Becoming”. Fragrances were linked to specific animistic spirit guides or totems and inducing specific euphoric states. The Stag represented Mr. Chevreuil’s personal animal guide and is featured on Chevreuil family heraldry.

Born outside Grasse, France, Etienne was the youngest child of Jean Claude Chevreuil (also know as the Lavender Baron of Grasse) and famed mentalist, Hildegard Gottscalk (Sister of famed Theosophist, Madame Gottscalk- Chau.)

After a largely misspent youth as bon vivant and trifler, Etienne eventually travelled widely, spoke six languages, was a pioneering choreographer, olfactory tableau artist and published on a variety of natural, exotic and occult sciences.

The outcome of extensive experimentation in “Transcendental Sensualism”, Chevreuil’s published work includes: Deer Antler Development (1851), Tableaux Euphoric ( 1853 ), The Ecstasy of Devotion (1856), Komodo Process Part 3 – Acoustic Harmonization (1857), Self-Mortification and Transcendence (1860), The Sensate Spiritualist (1862), Teresa and the Wounded Tree (1863) and 573 Known States Euphoric (1867).


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Cilice EDP 50ml

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