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Eau De Parfum

Euphorium Brooklyn

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Style: Unisex

The ‘Chocolatl’ perfume accord came to Rudolph Komodo while convalescing in a Mexican hotel. An elixir designed to soothe, comfort, inspire and transcend. Komodo imagined a dark cocoa, sweetened with the fruity, dark accent palm sugar. To add depth to sweetness, Mexican vanilla bean, with it’s bittersweet, black pearls of crisp, creamy texture, were added to the mix. Javanese coffee, with it’s rich, oily constitution brought strength to CHOCOLATL, while myrrhs dulcet smoke echoes the fragrant process of cocoa production. Brilliant, coniferous needles of incense stab pinpricks of light through this thick, opaque composition. Freshly cracked black pepper offers a clangorous introduction to the layers of spices to follow. With the sparkling dynamism and woven texture of the chocolate-burgundy Akat weavings of Sumatra, sharp nutmeg and bright cardamom entwine and splice, creating a disparate harmony that converges with sweet Indonesian clove and “Kayu Manis” or “Sweet Wood” cinnamon leaf. These baking spices, familiar in any other context, are absorbingly anonymous in CHOCOLATL; in this fragrance, spice snips and sculpts, as it is absorbed into thicker surrounding textures. This indelible piquancy is refreshing, hidden within the folds of gourmand notes, a spiced interlude that awakens and leaves us instantly hungry for more; the perfect time for an indulgence of honeyed, ripe fermented fruits. Carmel-sweet prune, bright-dark specks of raisin and sugar caked dates seduce our tongues, and noses.

CHOCOLATL’s final sounds are the dulcet tones of sweet musks and the viscous, soothing balsams of ancient woods. A faint whisper of rich spices echoes at the end of this scent, like a stray plume of smoke floating by from distant incense. Komodo’s vision is fully realized in CHOCOLATL. Dense, faintly animalic, yet piquant and colorful, this scent induces fantastic release, shoulder-dropping relaxation. A surrealists dream of some of the most familiar sights and sounds in scent, CHOCOLATL reimagines gourmands and the purpose they serve. Spray on a slick of this dark potion and reimagine ‘delicious’.

Fragrance Notes:
Dark Chocolate, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Myrrh, Neroli, Davana, Raisin, Prune, Labdanum, Angelica Root, Honey, Vanilla, Caramel, Palm Sugar, Peru Balsam, Amyris, Guaiacwood, Cassia, Castoreum, Musk
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