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Attaquer Le Soleil


Attaquer Le Soleil

Eau De Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Woody

Style: Unisex

To attack the sun, to drive it from the universe, to create perpetual darkness – what an outrageous proposition! But Donatien Alphonse Francois, Marquis de Sade, was an outrageous man. Writer, revolutionary, philosopher, libertine, the Marquis de Sade disdained social norms and demanded unrestrained freedom. Questioning every assumption about love, beauty, even violence, and he broke taboos. Aiming to ignite the world and liberate us from preconceptions, the Marquis de Sade started to break down the barriers which keep us from accepting our own desires.

Etat Libre d’Orange and the Marquis de Sade is a marriage made in heaven, or more likely, hell: either way, it works. Labdanum, the only listed note for this fragrance is a grey black blot of eclipse. As we adjust to the darkness, we realize we can still see. Familiar shapes and sounds begin to morph before our eyes, and for a moment we wonder if this is just our imagination, but slowly we recognize something familiar in the foreign and accept this mysterious new reality. An acrid sweetness races past, its burn lingering on our skin and leaves us with a throbbing longing. An acid, high green note resounds, reminding us of the world before the sun went dark: this resonance makes us as merry as absinthe, and thoroughly committed to this Hades town. An animalic tremor shakes the ground beneath our feet, so that we are never quite sure of where we’re headed, and in this topsy turvy paradise, we couldn’t give a fig (or any other fruit, flower or scented element). Simmer, smolder and stay in the shadows: experience the honest drench of Attaquer Le Soleil which rinses us of any puritanical tendencies and leaves us free to simply pursue pleasure.

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