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Arbole Arbole


Arbole Arbole Hiram Green Natural Perfume Twisted Lily

Arbole Arbole

Eau De Parfum

Hiram Green Perfumes

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Fragrance Family: Woody

Style: Unisex

Ostensibly simple, yet subtly complex, this is an unashamedly romantic fragrance for those who dare to dream. Arbole Arbole evokes a single minded sense of purpose, a dedication to hope, a oneness with nature. The trajectory of our olive picking maiden may be unclear to the young men who pass her by, but this woman knows where she is: rooted like the tree before her, the girl with the pretty face won’t be distracted by promises of somewhere better. She stays true to her intention to harvest, and remains unswayed by passing fancies or FOMO. A burst of earthy patchouli, as green as freshly rain-watered earth, slowly merges with dry, sweet cedar wood. Here is the seco y verde Lorca encants, a fragrant balance that evokes the mysterious seesaw of life. Velvety sandalwood softens this contrast, a powdery yet enlivening caress that (like the grey armed wind) winds way around our wrists, waists and hearts. Fertile vanilla and shimmering tonka bean anchor this fragrance, a sumptuous, rich reflection the dramatic background of mountains rolling into desert. Arbolé Arbolé is a quiet, moving testament that, like Lorca’s verse, effortlessly enchants.

Fragrance Notes:

Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

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Arbole Arbole Hiram Green Natural Perfume Twisted Lily
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Arbole Arbole Hiram Green Natural Perfume Twisted Lily

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