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Another Oud


Another Oud
Another Oud Box

Another Oud

Eau De Parfum

Juliette Has A Gun

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Style: Unisex

Another Oud suggests immersion into a new operating system built on the tradition of oriental fragrances. Modern, exuberant and grand, Another Oud challenges our (jaded) oud expectations and gives us cause to get excited. This oud is hardly just “another”, as the self-deprecating title suggests; brilliant yet dense, this luminous beam of pure smoke enrobes us in an air of confidence and mystery. Bergamot provides a shot of buoyant energy, it’s juicy green texture an initial illumination that permeates into the darkest depths of this scent. Oud emerges immediately hereafter, a precious, dense and glowing orb that surfaces, thanks to bergamot’s searching gaze. As this star note emerges we observe that it is a rounded, tangy and lactic essence that is neatly contained rather than oozing and full of funk. This self-contained oud is made all the more compact by cashmeran, a presence that mimics oud’s enigmatic signature, but which is more diffuse and ever so slightly floral. Similarly a molten pool of raspberry surrounds these woods, a liquid presence makes both woods smolder in stark contrast to this fruits bittersweet verve. Musk encapsulates these divergent textures and streamlines them into a wearable form, while preserving the diverse profile of Another Oud on skin. A sensuous, modish scent, this fragrance reinvigorates our oud-saturated palates, and presents us with a portrait of the self same ingredient that is utterly captivating. Embody a new, irresistible dimension in Another Oud.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Raspberry, Oud, Norlimbanol, Musk, Ambroxan

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Another Oud
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Another Oud

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