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Eau De Parfum

source adage NYC

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Woody

Style: Unisex

From the native Hawaiian language meaning, Red Sunset or, Red Shadow, aka’ula is an intriguing, ingenious initiative. A subtly intense fragrance, aka’ula interweaves volcanic smoke and island spice accords to create a spellbinding portrait of the heavens. Ginger CO2 is a shimmering thrill, an effervescent Apollo that flits across the top of aka’ula heralding his lunar sister’s arrival. But before the moon can rise, the sun sets fire to the day. Beneath the sun’s crimson gaze, vetiver glows, its complex spice and unctuous, earthy sweetness fully unleashed. Pineapple leaves absorb the final throw of sun and exhale a luxurious, vibrant verdancy as refreshing and richly full of potential as just ripe fruit. Agarwood heralds the cool that creeps in at the edges of sunset, a wood that is slightly funky, yet never flabby: strong, lean, and starkly symmetrical agarwood stands in contrast to the sun’s heat. Vanilla winds into coffee: as bittersweet elements enrich one another, they engineer the delectable, dawning irony of luminous darkness. Smoke is a delicate voile that drifts off aka’ula as it smolders, lending this scent a fine, seductive finish. aka’ula is a celestial celebration of life. Talk about out with a bang.

Fragrance Notes:

Spicy Ginger CO2 extract, Vetyver and Pineapple Leaves warm to Agarwood and Vanilla with rich Coffee and Smoke notes.

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akaula adage
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1 review for aka’ula

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) – :

    Dare I say it? of course I dare, and here it is, could this be the new and more sophisticated big brother of Aventus? Oh I think it could and yes, it’s now about time cause Aventus has now had its day…Time to move on chaps. But come on, and don’t be like that, everything is for a time and you very well know it, so come on, your all grown up now and can handle what is taking place, theres a new boy on the block now and he’s got bigger balls. so embrace them and put that Aventus bottle away, pick up a bottle of aka ula and start smelling seriously good again. Go on, I dare you.

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akaula adage

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