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White Peacock Lily


White Peacock Lily 100
White Peacock Lily 100
White Peacock Lily 50
White Peacock Lily 50

White Peacock Lily

Eau De Parfum

D.S. & Durga

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Floral

Style: Feminine

A lone peacock floats over cream lilies, oleander and a sea of alabaster violet. Orchestral pads of harps and horns drone. Pale blue fog hangs in the far woodlands. A dreamy floral substance, White Peacock Lily puts white florals front and center while maintaining it’s cool, reverie-esque tone. Oleander is sweetly cacophonous, a chorus of quivering, pinwheel patterned petals fanning their fresh, creamy fragrance outwards, in a circular fashion. Cabreuva rouge provides a resilient warmth against which this floral flight of fancy shines. Grapefruit pith handsomely accents the subtle splendor of oleander, and makes the air of this fragrance buzz with a sense of activity. White lily cream is a soothing creation of searing brilliance that nestles against skin as softly as a pearlescent down. Egyptian jasmine is as fruity as it is indolic, a plush experience especially when it’s set against the vivid piquancy of alabaster violet.

Liquid ambrette captures the ivory elegance of these white florals in its sepia stead, highlighting the ephemeral sweetness of each bloom by comparison to its own dense, earthy dulcet nature. Vanilla softens some of the acidity jasmine and violet generate, while fog frames this portrait, it’s gauzy drape enhancing our sense of this scent as a magical apparition. On skin, White Peacock Lily is subtly assertive, developing a gentle, tempering verdancy that is rarely in evidence at first sniff. A picturesque, magnificent fragrance, White Lily Peacock transports us to another world with one sniff.

Fragrance Notes:

Oleander, Cabreuva Rouge, Grapefruit Pith, White Lily Cream, Egyptian Jasmine, Alabaster Violet, Liquid Ambrette Seed, Vanilla, Fog

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White Peacock Lily 100
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White Peacock Lily 50
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White Peacock Lily 100

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