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Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume


Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume
Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume
DS Durga Pocket Perfume Pouch

Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume

Perfume Oil Roll-on

D.S. & Durga

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Fruity

Style: Unisex

Tea service at the colonial parlor of Mme. Revere, topless psychic. Hot silver heated by open flame. Bohea vapours, radiant heat, milk.

Spirit Lamp is a dynamic paradox in action. Creamy yet metallic, sweet and saline, warm-cool, this fragrance sits on skin like a seamless silk, which belies its contrasting nature. Hot metal is initially and ultimately prevalent, a glowing aural-visual fragrance that is both sharply tannic and barely detectable. Peach water pools atop some such metallic surface: faintly foggy, floral and sweet, peach water develops a distinct tang as it warms into metal. Petitgrain complicates peach water’s sour side with its own piquancy, creating a florid, natural warmth where before there was only the man made heat of metal. White ginger floats on the periphery of this scent, a pale, shimmering ghost that tugs at our accessed state and reminds us that despite her otherworldy dominance, Mme. Revere is, in fact, a real human. Might she even be a real prophet? Coconut milk soothes and supplicates us, before we can get to curious/critical. Suddenly, radiant musk shimmers, a sense of well being and balance that can only result from close confrontations with the third eye. We drink bohea tea to recover and come back down to earth, the smoky liquid whispering softly across our palates as our hearts settle. A fragrant revelation.

Fragrance Notes:

Hot Metal, Peach Water, Petitgrain, White Ginger, Coconut Milk, Radiant Musk, Bohea Tea


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Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume

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