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Bitter Rose, Broken Spear


Bitter Rose, Broken Spear

Eau De Parfum

D.S. & Durga

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic

Style: Unisex

Aromatic materials from the lands of the Red
 Branch knights and their travels to prehistoric Scotland – smelted iron, larchwood, thistle –emboldened with bitter rose and amber. A smoky, saline start makes us envision black embers of a fire still flowing in the whipping, sea-infused winds. Wild mountain thyme grows near the dying flames, it's tough, fragrant shrubbery slightly stained with floating ash and releasing some of the scent as a result. Cubeb is a green effect that crystallizes the ocean air into a slightly shagreen, scaly finish. Through this haze of sea skins, herbs and smoke rose emerges, like a Phoenix from the ashes. At once bracingly fresh and indulgently sweet, this bloom intertwined with the purple lactic airs of thistle to create an unusually prickly, yet beautiful floral heart. Nutmeg makes a sizzling sound that mimics the cool-water-meets-heat of smelted iron, making us image rose as a kind of Excalibur that is being minted in the hot of this seaside bonfire and the cold, damp air. Amber and larch frame this transformational scent, Amber's sweet, resinous effect consolidated these visceral, contrasting notes, while larch maintains their stark diversity. A valiant rose that's delightfully rough and ready, Bitter Rose, Broken Spear is potent magic.

Fragrance Notes:

Embers, Wild Mountain Thyme, Cubeb, Bitter Rose, Thistle, Nutmeg, Smelted Iron, Amber, Larch



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Hylnds Bitter Rose Broken Spear
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Hylnds Bitter Rose Broken Spear

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