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Face Cleansing Gel


Face Cleansing Gel

Face Cleanser

Karin Herzog

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Style: Unisex

This professional grade 2-in-1 cleanser and make-up remover removes all traces of even waterproff makeup and impurities without stinging or irritation. Formulated with nourishing sesame oil and pure essential oils, it helps to unclog pores, dissolve impurities, and soften the skin.

Product Benefits
• Gently removes even strong make-up
• Deeply cleanses skin of impurities
• Creates a vacuum effect to unclog the pores
• Gel Based – A small portion goes a long way!

Fragrance Notes:

Skin Type: All including sensitive and acne prone

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Product Description

sesame oil, pure essential oils (gardenia, rose and geranium)

Take a hazelnut size amount of cleanser and warm it between your fingertips. Combine with warm water and massage onto the dampened face and neck in circular motions for 10 to 15 seconds. Remove with warm water and the Silk Towel or cotton wool alternatively, until all traces of the cleanser have been removed. Use morning and evening.


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