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Wulong Cha


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Wulong Cha
Wulong Cha2
Wulong Cha2

Wulong Cha

1 Reviews
5.00 out of 5

Extrait de Parfum

Nishane Istanbul

Country of Origin: Turkey

Fragrance Family: Citrus

Style: Unisex

Like a pop of pure color, Wulong Cha bursts from the bottle, eager ink seeking a surface. At top, a triple citrus (bergamot, orange and mandarin) peals, a bell toll that excites and cheers. This sound swoops, floating on a breeze that rustles the leaves of a fig tree, whose fruit absorbs these citric reverberations. Cross fertilization yields a unique freshness; smoky Chinese oolong tea seeps out of this citrus infused fig, adding a mesmerizing note of mystery to the composition. Wulong Cha is vibrant, long-lasting citrus; an audible, joyous journey.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Orange, Litsea, Mandarin, Oolong Tea, Nutmeg, Musk, Fig

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Wulong Cha
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1 review for Wulong Cha

  1. 5 out of 5


    As a tea scent, I love Nishane’s Wulong Cha much more than L’Artisan’s Tea for Two or Bvlgari’s Au the Vert (Au the Rouge and Kilian’s Imperial Tea are still on my to-try list). Wulong Cha smells somewhere in between a generic light-roast wulong like Dong Ding (Frozen Summit) and a greener wulong like High Mountain or Jade oolongs, which are not the most interesting wulongs but I happen to think that wulongs are the most delicious and intriguing / nuanced category of tea. Of course, tea is just as subjective as fragrance is and I’m sure there will be many, say, pu-er or red tea lovers out there who dislike this Wulong Cha scent.

    This is a beautiful, refreshing scent for summer and hot days, yet still cosy and comforting enough for cooler weather. I’m so addicted to this scent, I knew thirty minutes in that I wanted to buy the full bottle (and I have yet to buy a full bottle of any fragrance yet). Despite being a totally unisex scent to me (and perfect for a professional environment, and to put me in a focused mood), it was feminine enough for my boyfriend to like it on me and he didn’t complain that it was too masculine.

    The only caveat: This is an Extrait de Parfum with the performance of an Eau de Toilette / EDP. Soft to moderate sillage. Longevity is bad if I spray only once per arm (3 – 4 hours), but good with 2 – 3 sprays per arm (8+ hours).

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Wulong Cha

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