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L’eau By Andy Tauer


L’eau By Andy Tauer

Eau De Parfum

Tauer Perfumes

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Fragrance Family: Citrus

Style: Unisex

Using the highest quality ingredients, this well balanced, long lasting fragrance recreates a peaceful etude. Fresh and unisex, L’eau is an eau de parfum inspired by a lemon tree in bloom on Andy Tauer’s veranda, its scent dispersed in the crisp Zurich morning air. L’eau combines a triumvirate of natural citrus accords: Italian bergamot is juicy and brisk as the fresh breeze. Lemon is slightly more demure, a seamless, picture perfect fruit that adds elegant structure. Orange oil is pure sunshine, shot through with beams of spice. Lemon blossom is the essence of youth, a tiny, perfect flower that is as bittersweet as fresh almonds and ever so slightly piquant.

Shimmering iris flowers catch the citric light of this scene, their purple tongued petals burning yellow at the center, as if sun-stroked. Bright yet musky woods are the grid within which L’eau rests, a well organized fragrance that remains pleasingly elusive within this arboreal structure. Ambergris lifts, its saline sense of humor adding a touch of soft, golden sparkle, which makes this super sheer scent dance. Light yet powerful, L’eau is a tiny, beautiful, everyday moment, elegantly encapsulated.

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Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Oil, Lemon Blossom, Iris, Musky Woods, Ambergris

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L'eau By Andy Tauer
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L'eau By Andy Tauer

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