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Menthe Fraiche


Menthe Fraiche

Eau De Parfum


Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Citrus Aromatic

Style: Unisex

Inexhaustibly fresh, like an entire garden of mint. Contemporary and ultra-clean, Menthe Fraiche is nonetheless as refreshing as a breath of mountain air. Crushed spearmint and peppermint, cut into the juicy pulp of bergamot and macerate in it’s sour juice. A stream of hot green tea infuses this herbal citric cocktail, it’s diffuse floral heat highlighting the sweeter qualities of mint and tempering the acidic blow of bergamot. Freesia echoes the light yet slightly metallic bloom of tea, and adds a touch of piquancy to the equation. White cedar rounds out the brew, the perfect wood to ground this fizzing tipple.

A fragrance that defines ‘easy-to-wear’ but veers nowhere near banal, Menthe Fraiche captures the fugitive grace of mint and guarantees an olfactive addiction. Lean and mean, all white teeth and lip gloss. Youthful, sexy, and confidently androgynous.

Fragrance Notes:

Spearmint, Peppermint, Bergamot, Green Tea, Freesia, White Cedar

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Heeley Menthe Fraiche
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Heeley Menthe Fraiche

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