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Rose & Dragon



Rose & Dragon

Eau De Parfum

Carner Barcelona

Country of Origin: Spain

Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental

Style: Unisex

Rose & Dragon unfurls with the elegant twists and turns of a timeless tale. Initially, the apex Rose & Dragon is revealed in a brilliant flash: the princess midair, caught in the Dragon’s talons, the silvery glint of Saint George’s brave blade. Then, the vision burst unfolds into more extensive detail. Persian saffron plays the hot melody of St. George’s sword clinking musically in it’s scabbard as he approaches the Dragon’s den. Cumin is the savory smell of his resolute but terrified anticipation. Wild strawberry is a haunting, strange bitterness that discourages, while the dry woody warmth of cinnamon leaves embolden George in his progress past dark shadows and blind corners. A great surprise awaits St. George when he finally penetrates the beats’s lair: the air is incomparably sweet, and smells of roses. How clean, satiny Bulgarian and sweet, loukhum-esque Turkish rose have bloomed on these scorched walls is a mystery, but these flowers dominate the air of Dragon’s lair, cleverly complicating the monster’s signature animalic sweetness of honey-tinged-castoreum. Ethiopian frankincense and Andalusian labdanum illuminate Dragon’s sweet, fiery breath, while amber is the crystal clear capsule of the Princess’ salty, fearful tears, a driving emotional provocation. Delightfully dangerous.

Fragrance Notes:

Persian Saffron, Cumin, Wild Strawberry, Cinnamon Leaves, Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Absolute Manuka Honey, Ethiopian Frankincense, Castoreum Leather Accord, Andalusian Labdanum Resin, Amber

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