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Eau De Parfum

Carner Barcelona

Country of Origin: Spain

Style: Unisex

Costarela is a ripping combination of difference and familiarity, a fragrant translation of the repetitive, renewing action of the tides. Definitively saline, this fragrance arrives just in time for summer. Bergamot leaps forth at the outset of Costarela, a young woman springing from sand, where she was playfully buried as a child. Bergamot’s eager, burgeoning charms are revealed through the other aspects of this scent, which cling to its invigorating, damp flesh. Hibiscus-red strands of saffron are strewn across bergamot’s fresh body, and look (at first glimpse) like a fine seaweed, and then again like tiny veins of coral. Tiny beads of solidified moisture festoon this fruit’s angles and curves, crystals of marine accord that make bergamot shimmer like a sea-worthy chandelier. Haphazardly formed polygons of sand cling to bergamot’s smooth surface, little countries of grit that tell of all lands inextricable connection through the sea. Virginian Cedarwood wafts like a hazy, sunrise-pink mist that marks the dawn of day and celebrates this citric awakening. Ambroxane contributes a seamless, almost woodsy linearity, which pairs beautifully with the savory-sweet, dusty depths of amber. Crustily salted, then ripe and finally smoothly integrated, this elegant, oceanic repast is cool and effortlessly sensual. Costarela is beautiful and contemplative, looking out over the sea.

Fragrance Notes:

Italian Bergamot, Saffron, Marine Accord, Sand Accord, Virginian Cedarwood, Ambroxane, Amber

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