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Southern States


Adage Candle
Adage Candle

Southern States


source adage NYC

Country of Origin: United States

Style: Unisex

Southern States is a dark romance, told through whispering, willow trails amidst swampy summer nights. A bold fragrance, this ambient recalls another time. The first waft of Kentucky bourbon, intoxicatingly sweet and subtly smoky, slides down the back of our throat, and infuses our senses with what feels like superhuman agility. Suddenly, everything is heightened: as night falls outside this grand parlor setting, dark notes of fruit echo through the night, recalling the sunny burst of hot day and hearty harvests. As the globes of fruit cool in the night, they grows resonant with the music of aging sugar and tang. A sniff of barnyard (rawhide) cuts through the syrupy sweetness of overripe tree fruit, and together these elements spin a kind of magical musk, which floats through the air like a scented spectre, moving through walls with alarming ease. Smoky birch tar is a tart reminder of the day’s work. Within the parlor, a social gathering: attention converges on an extrovert, an extravagant dandy. His audience half listens as they imbibe the darker tones of night.

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Adage Candle

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