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Fleur Fantome


Fleur Fantome
Fleur Fantome2

Fleur Fantome



Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Floral Green

Style: Unisex

Winter in Sweden is night devouring day for months on end. Darkness and clouds stretch lazily over the sun to such an extent the first flowers of spring always seem improbable apparitions. Straight from Ben Gorham’s imagination, this composition evokes the fantasy scents of silent flowers like the tulip–those odorless, early blooms that nevertheless emit an odor in our minds. Here, the tangy crisp texture of rhubarb imitates the streaked cream and strawberries color of a tulip petal, while lemon reminds us of the joyous first sighting of daffodils. Violet leaves are spicy against the verdant sweetness of galbanum, a reconfiguration of hyacinths in the rain. Initially a distinctly green fragrance, this determined surge subsides into the creamy whiteness of heliotrope, whose dulcet, almondine textures melt into the soft but bittersweet, sophisticated suede. Fleur Fantȏme transplants an invisible, imaginary flower into any space. A fantastical compilation of springtime, Fleur Fantȏme is guaranteed to intrigue and inspire, no matter the winter (or otherwise) blues.

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use.
Burn time approximately 60 hours.

Each Byredo candle is a unique scent created for scenting the home. The candles are handmade in France of mouth blown glass and sporting cotton wicks.

Fragrance Notes:

Lemon, Petitgrain, Rhubarb, Tulip Extract, Violet Leaves, Galbanum, Heliotrope, Suede


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Fleur Fantome

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