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Lampblack Bruno Fazzolari
Lampblack Bruno Fazzolari


1 Reviews
4.00 out of 5

Eau De Parfum

Bruno Fazzolari

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Spicy Oriental

Style: Unisex

Lampblack: Supposedly inspired by the smell of ink, this dense smoky citrus is deeply satisfying. Imagine a Bic bursting and the oil-slick deep navy seeping into your skin…perhaps through your back pack…perhaps you’re still in high school; growing into yourself, life is thrilling and heartbreaking all at once and why not commemorate it with an accidental—and probably illegal—tattoo? Lampblack is that stamp of roguish  youthful wanderlust.

Fragrance Notes:

Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Bitter Grapefruit, Nagarmotha, Benzoin, Vetiver

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Lampblack Bruno Fazzolari
SIZE: 30ml
SIZE: .7ml Sample

1 review for Lampblack

  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner) – :

    My first venture into Bruno Fazzolari’s creations, and all I can say is fantastic! There is an almost Comme des Garcons futuristic, well-crafted synthetic nature to this. This is dry and light, but carries it’s fragrance with projection. The vetiver and spice interplay with a plastic and rubber accord. I don’t get a smokiness here, but a definite dark synthetic that is described as ink. I think this could be worn in a variety of situations, including the office, and be just different enough to gain compliments, or at least inquiries! Thumbs up!

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Lampblack Bruno Fazzolari

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