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Red Hook Mustache Wax


Red Hook Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax

Brooklyn Grooming

Country of Origin: United States

There is no end to the geometric, architectural and sculptural possibilities when you’ve got some facial hair and a tin of Brooklyn Grooming Mustache Wax.

There’s the classic handlebar, worn by men of distinction throughout history from President William H.Taft to Panama Jack. The Dali, the Fu Manchu, the Chin Puff, the list goes on.

The point is, if you can dream it, it’s possible.

Castor oil and kukui nut oil condition your sub-nasal caterpillar while beeswax gives it supple hold and pliability. If you’re new to mustache wax—and this is the best place to start—you may be surprised by its firm, thick, gummy texture. It’s basically mustache glue.

Product Description


*Castor oil, *Kukui nut oil, *Shea butter,*Beeswax, * West Indies bay, * Elemi, * Bergamot, * Cardomom essential oil and vitamin e.

* = organic

What does Red Hook smell like?

Red Hook smells like Bay Rum with hints of Cardamom and Citrus. Together these spicy essences create a complex aroma suggestive of cinnamon’s swashbuckling older brother.


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Red Hook Mustache Wax

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