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Bois 1920 Youth Ancara Amore

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Bois 1920 Youth Ancara Amore

Eau De Toilette

Bois 1920 Youth

Country of Origin: Italy

Fragrance Family: Floral

Style: Unisex

Jasmine in evanescent, heavenly shades. Ancora Amore echoes our most fragile, precious and unforgettable feelings. An immaculate canvas is lightly brushed with a powdery gouache, so that every note nestles softly upon the skin’s surface, vibrating at optimal, unfettered frequency. Ancora Amore is a delicate, elegant soul but though it’s gently drawn it contains a sinuous strength that allows the soft to powerfully penetrate the senses. Soft brushstrokes of jasmine colored nude and gold form are basis of this tender portrait, while rose illustrates a lovely blush and violet a blaze of fervent eyes, intent on matters of the heart. Fluid swathes of sandalwood blaze brightly round this dewy countenance, highlighting Ancora Amore’s beauty. Prized orris is a finishing caress that seals this depiction with a magical shimmer and shine. A bright, most precious musk allows Ancora Amore’s glow and marrying its gleam with our own. A beaming being, Ancora Amore is a brilliant jasmine, whose star never fades.

Fragrance Notes:

Jasmine, Powdery Notes, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Iris, Musk

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Ancara Amore Bois 1920 Youth
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Ancara Amore Bois 1920 Youth

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