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Assam of India


Assam of India



Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Citrus Aromatic

Style: Unisex

A brilliant, mouthwatering scent. A citric spear is fearlessly brandished at the outset of Assam of India, yielded by a Cervantes-esque swordsman who barrels into the fruity, amber brew of assam tea point first, but sheds no blood; Lemon of Menton is eternally destined to perceive combat where there is only compliment. While these two ingredients ‘duel’–or marry–Mysore sandalwood, the eternal Sancho Panza of this scent, steadies the roiling yellow-brown waters with an earthy wit. Playful and full-bodied, Assam of India is a first-rate, fragrant fellowship.
Lemon, Mysore Sandalwood, Tea.

Fragrance Notes:

Lemon, Sandalwood, Tea

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Cologne Grands Cru Assam of India
SIZE: 100ml
SIZE: .7ml Sample
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Cologne Grands Cru Assam of India

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