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Vi et Armis (Strength of Arms)


Vi Et Armis
Vi Et Armis
East India4

Vi et Armis (Strength of Arms)

1 Reviews
3.00 out of 5

Eau De Parfum

Beaufort London

Country of Origin: England

Fragrance Family: Woody Spicy

Style: Unisex

Britain’s colonialism of both other nations and the international sea trade is considered in this heady, narcotic scent that challenges as much as it beguiles. Using the historical cargoes of British ships as key bases for the notes contained herein, this addictive fragrance recalls the words of George Bernard Shaw: “Emotional excitement reaches men through Tea, Tobacco, Opium, Whisky and religion.” Cardamom and black pepper furnish tea leaf with enough heat and sweet piquancy to offer a prismatic vision of tea’s manifold possibilities, imagining a brew from every region and continent previously contained within the Empire. Whiskey’s peaty smoke is accentuated by the dry fumes of incense and the sweet, soporific undulations of opium. Tobacco offers a leafy bouquet of rich browns and auburns, while curling ribbons of birch bark reveal a green sapling-fresh scent beneath. Oud, a glowing shard of smoking resin, recalls each previous note with its chameleonic, adaptive character. Paradoxical and challenging, this scent imagines the roots of this island nation steeped, as they are, in contradiction. An enthrallingly complex fragrance that promises to trouble the wearer’s waters.

Fragrance Notes:

Cardamom, Black Pepper, Tea Leaf, Whisky, Incense, Opium, Tobacco, Birch, Oud

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Vi Et Armis
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1 review for Vi et Armis (Strength of Arms)

  1. 3 out of 5


    With my second Beaufort sample, I’m beginning to think the name stands for birch tar!. Although not as tumultuous as 1805, still there quite significantly at the opening. Fortunately, East India is quite different from here. Quite a spicy fragrance, with an interesting, boozy orange peel note, I still struggle to find when I would wear this? Beaufort could simply stand for bold. Thumb neutral here.

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Vi Et Armis

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