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Savoy Steam


Savoy Steam
Savoy Steam2

Savoy Steam

Eau de Parfum


Country of Origin: England

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Style: Unisex

A steam-mist of fresh roses. The stir of floating petals. The float of bodies, clarified by aromas and healed in water. Hints of invigorating green (a particularly unctuous and invigorating Tunisian rosemary) constitutes the initial frontier of steamy haze of this olfactory Hammam. Next a spicy undercurrent of pink peppercorn emanates forth, a shimmering echo of rosemary’s earthy, piquant nature. Green geranium shines through these aromatic inflexions, it’s sparkling sweetness foreshadowing the bittersweet complexities of rose. Rose is simultaneously satin smooth and sharply spiked, a fruity sweet yet sour invocation of the classic English rose. Rose illustrates a blushing beauty, well-saturated and warmed to a rosy glow, sighing with satisfaction as they sweat, far from the hustle bustle of London.

A soothing rub down signals that soon it will be time to return to those ancient twisted streets, but the smoldering sweetness of benzoin and incense reinforce the sensation that even outside of this warm, enveloping, floral steam, everything will be vastly improved for this visit to the baths. Positively enlivening, Savoy Steam is the quintessence of English luxury.

Fragrance Notes:

Rosemary Oil, Pink Pepper, Rose Essential, Geranium Absolute, Incense

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Savoy Steam
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Savoy Steam

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