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Prvdentia Candle

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Inspiritv Candle

Prvdentia Candle



Country of Origin: Italy

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Style: Unisex

Defined as the virtue of virtues, PRUDENCE discerns in every moment. By prioritizing the truest path to righteousness, practice of this virtue eliminates the possibility for recrimination or regret. Those who are prudent are decisive and bold, and their decisions are unmarred by doubt. The greenest of INSPIRITV, PRVDENTIA possesses a powerful, dualistic energy: we face the question in order to answer. Light floral notes represent the lack of definitive knowledge we may perceive when first introduced to a quandary. Indian hyacinth chimes, a bright floral accent that is slightly metallic, like the taste of fear in our mouths. Happily, Iranian galbanum sweetly assuages, encouraging a decision to quell apprehension. Wild Flowers are the beautiful, unpredictable panoply of options that spread out before us. But slowly, two blooms emerge and represent two separate energies. Peony is remarkably striking, a searing scent that’s slightly spicy and eternally elegant. Florentine iris follows, a softly gorgeous silhouette that neatly encapsulates the irony of the phrase ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’. Precious woods, moss and cedar are the tangible rewards that ground and materialize as soon as indecision is banished. PRVDENTIA is a luminous fait accompli that celebrates the joyous privilege of choice. Approximate Burn Time: 100 hours

Fragrance Notes:

Wildflowers, Indian Hyacinth, Iranian Galbanum, Berries, Peony, Florentine Iris, Precious Rose Moss, Cedar

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