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Pipe Bomb


Pipe Bomb

Eau De Parfum


Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Style: Unisex

At first, all you can smell is a faint spark; something sharp and bright leading down the fuse to a fragrant explosion. Literally, this perfume starts very quiet and takes about ten minutes for the fuse to burn down. Synthesized with the finest raw materials, Pipe Bomb moves from scent to scent within its composition, dazzling with each shift. Like an underwater firecracker bundled with incense, light saltwater notes meld with hot metal to create an inviting, warm glove that shapes differently to fit each wearer’s hand. Legal in all 50 states.

Anosmic! What is anosmic you ask?
Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. The human ability to smell the things around us varies from person to person and is complicated by many other factors such as mucous membranes, head traumas, the common cold and/or simple genetics. With Pipe Bomb, if you can’t smell the fragrance on your skin, wait up to 20 minutes as it will grow over time. Then if you still can’t smell it, trust that your friends can. Over time you may become anosmic to the scent so might consider taking a break or seek something stronger; this was one of the key reasons Blackbird created Pipe Bomb Intense.

If interested in Pipe Bomb INTENSE then, go HERE.

Fragrance Notes:

Saltwater, Metal, Smoke, Amber, Oud

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Pipe Bomb
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Pipe Bomb

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