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Moko Maori

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Moko Maori
Gri Gri

Moko Maori

Eau De Parfum

Gri Gri Perfumes

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Style: Unisex

In Oceania, master tattoo artists practise tattoo to mark the transition into a new stage of life. MOKO MAORI Eau de Parfum evokes victorious nobility, the very meaning of the tattow practice. Tussock grass evokes plains of the south island, and affords MOKO MAORI a dry, windswept energy. Multifaceted New Zealand flax is a symbol of the Maori’s infinite natural wisdom, of their ability to use their environment respectfully as a resource. A sprouting fern called Koru symbolises strength and peace, offering a wonderful olfactory theme. Widely regarded as New Zealand’s national flower, kowhai is an invocation of cultural pride, it’s yellow, nectar-rich sweetness and woodsy strength making Moko Maori solid yet supple. Floral undergrowth is a main component of New Zealand’s lush nature. Honey-sweet Manuka flowers mix with Lichen to exude the scent of famous celestial legends. Snowy drifts of flowering Kanuka blanket the bottom of Moko Maori and keep it grounded yet effortlessly light on skin. Like a blend of these indigenous plants and freshly boiled ink, Moko Maori illustrates the rare, hardy, gorgeous landscape of New Zealand and the magisterial elegance and artistry of the tattow tradition. Bittersweet, saline yet surprisingly soft, Moko Maori is a statement of enduring strength.

Fragrance Notes:

Tussock Grass, New Zealand Flax, Fern, Kowhai, Manuka, Lichen, Kanuka

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Moko Maori
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Moko Maori

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