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Eight & Bob


Eight and Bob
Eight and Bob
Eight and Bob

Eight & Bob

Eau De Parfum

Eight & Bob

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Style: Masculine

Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, was part of elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. An American student who was touring France in a convertible, John F. Kennedy, met Albert on the Cotes d'Azur and was captivated by the fragrance. JFK persuaded Albert to leave him a sample of his cologne.

On returning from his vacation, Albert received a letter from JFK in the U.S. thanking him for the kind gesture and informing him of the success his perfume was enjoying among his friends, which included the Hollywood elite. He requested that Albert send him eight samples, “and if your production allows, another one for Bob”. Albert labeled the bottles and boxes with John's amusing request: “EIGHT & BOB”.

Unfortunately, the success of his cologne would not spread much further. In the spring of 1939, Albert died in an automobile accident. Decades later, thanks to the family of Philippe the butler, the formula for “EIGHT & BOB” has been completely recovered, along with its carefully crafted production process.

The soul of the original EIGHT + BOB contains Andrea, a wild plant in short supply due to the altitude and limited area in which it grows; and can only be picked during the months of December and January. The plants gathered undergo a very exacting selection process in which only seven percent are chosen. This process ends between March and April and only then is it known how many units of EIGHT & BOB can be bottled for the year. Today, the beloved fragrance of JFK continues to be one of the most exclusive colognes for the world's most classic men. The bottle is hidden in a book and limited in production, just as it was long ago.

Fragrance Notes:

Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Lemon, Violet Leaves, Labdanum, Dried Wood, Sandalwood, Amber, Vetiver

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Eight and Bob
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Eight and Bob

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