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Eau De Parfum

source adage NYC

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic

Style: Unisex

From the Ahtna language of Southern Alaska meaning, New Moon, c’i’aan [pronounced key-on] is a ethereal wonder. A deceptively simple fragrance, c’i’aan is both warm and fresh, the perfect union of woodland and arctic accords. Juniper CO2 is stellar, an arboreal exhale that makes us feel as if we are aware of our own existence, on a molecular level. As juniper breathes its sweet, easy breath and its woodsy airs wreath spearmint, which begins to glow. Slowly, mint evolves into a searing, verdant force: just as it threatens to supercede juniper’s delicate ethers, apple blossoms and softens mint’s pungent bite. Apple is dulcet yet crisp, and beside mint’s sharp spike it transforms into an even livelier version of itself. The playful communion between juniper, apple and mint counters the absorbing richness of fir, cedar and amber. Fir is deeply resonant, the old block off which juniper is a bittersweet chip. Cedar is a silent whisper of smoke, an ensconcing, invisible warmth. Amber traps and refracts all the sugared tendencies of c’i’aan, ensuring a natural balance. c’i’aan is a revelation. Cool, calm, collected and still joyously elevating, this fragrance resides in sacred space, full of contrast but devoid of conflict.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrant Juniper CO2 extract, Spearmint and Apple notes balance a balsamic quality of Fir, Cedar and Amber.
for attributes section: Juniper, Spearmint, Apple, Fir, Cedar, Amber
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