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Adage Diffuser
Adage Diffuser
Adage Diffuser


Diffuser Kit

source adage NYC

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy

Style: Unisex

Arid Southwest is a fragrance as scintillatingly spicy as it is monumentally still. Precious dried wood radiates a distilled heat, reflecting the dry solar power that has transformed it. Black peppercorn is a shimmering spice, definitively savory and slightly bitter. Fennel seeds recall a floral sweetness, tiny seedling ghosts of flowers that once bloomed in this desert. Vetiver illuminates the occasional sprouts of grass, or cactus or shrub, the piquancy of this green illustrating the hearty, resilient humor of all plants that bloom in this setting. Chiseled valleys of red clay harbor hidden desert flowers. Embedded in kilned rock these blossoms, attached to spike or branch, offer surprising pops of contrasting color and unexpected scents amidst the red. An ardent wind is the usher of both brittle seeds and echoing native voices. A hot, magnificent fragrance, Southwest curates an atmosphere to bask in. In candle form, we can safely soak up the silent, unmitigated power of the desert sun.

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Adage Diffuser

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