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India Ink

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India Ink

Eau De Parfum

Heretic Parfums

Country of Origin: United States

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy

Style: Unisex

Inspired by the spicy character of Japanese incense, India Ink is a profoundly mysterious fragrance. Unlike other forms of incense, (where the scent is derived from resins like myrrh or copal), japanese incense uniquely employs spices and agarwood to create an alluring, one-of-a-kind essence. When buddhism arrived, in the sixth century CE, in Japan, so did the marvelously fragrant agarwood—one of the most expensive natural materials in the world. Agarwood’s sweet musk is the bedrock of India Ink: dark, solid and slightly funky, the wood evokes a sense of the ancient and unknowable. Floating just above agarwood, the woody-spice of amyris grounds the middle of India Ink. A warming trio of indian spices adorn on the surface of this woody wonder, a multicultural shimmer of fragrance that is both rich and seductive. India Ink tells the story of a transitional moment in the history of Japan. At the eastern end of the silk road, India Ink transforms expectation, embedding itself in our imaginations eternally.

Fragrance Notes:

Star Anise, Clove, Frankincense, Amyris, Agarwood

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$210.00 $157.00

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