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Figue En Fleur


Figue En Fleur

Eau De Parfum

Andree Putman

Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Fruity Green

Style: Unisex

This fragrance recalls the scent of fig groves in Provence. Incredibly vibrant and green, Figue En Fleur is also satisfyingly solid, grounded by an exceptionally textured sandalwood. Fig leaf is crisp and enticing, a subtle foreshadowing of the rich milky sweetness we encounter when we reach the heart of this scent. Rose contributes a charming blush, a bloom on the cheek of this beautiful setting. Fig tree is a note that holds the center of this fragrance, a fine limbed, luminous arboreal creature that reaches out to other notes with its long, spindly branches. Almond adds a layer of depth and sweetness that gracefully integrates and differentiates between these similarly fresh notes. Tonka bean is unintelligible in Figue En Fleur, yet it’s presence is undeniable; the fizzy, gourmand darkness provides a similar sense of relief as preceding almond, the bright colors of figs and rose glowing all the more against it’s syrupy dim. Sandalwood is profoundly dusty and slightly lactic, a material somewhere between liquid and solid; it’s green, gritty milk matches the color of unripened figs, offering us an additional perspective on this delectable fruit. Lightweight yet enduring, Figue En Fleur is an untainted, perfect beauty, a luscious scent of dreamlike proportion.

Fragrance Notes:

Fig Leaves, Rose, Almond, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

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Figue en Fleur 100ml

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