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Soft Tension


Soft Tension
Soft Tension

Soft Tension

Eau De Parfum

Andrea Maack

Country of Origin: Iceland

Fragrance Family: Woody

Style: Unisex

Soft Tension by Andrea Maack is a sensual white musk inspired by a thick mysterious fog. Like a desert of white sand, Soft Tension is a scent to get lost in and let go. Freesia is an ensconcing, pure white light that pervades this subtle density. Musk is the unifying texture of this scent, creating a vaporous, surround sound sensation that is simultaneously pliant and pleasingly solid. Mate absolute ensures this musk stays remarkably balanced on skin, neither too moist nor dry. As mate’s reedy equivocal presence does its good work, cedarwood adds another layer of color to this engulfing fragrance. A smoldering, pink-tinged sizzle, cedarwood ensures Soft Tension never grows leaden. As cedarwood shimmers on skin, moss provides a stark contrast to this smoldering injection of energy. Moss appears to be matte, so deeply green it’s almost black and entirely still: however, moss moves, minutely and fascinatingly. Like the microaggressions of an infinitely expanding, healthy plankton, moss quietly multiplies the intensity of this scent, as it adds its bloomy, slightly bittersweet twist. In Soft Tension, we all submit to a sweet, simple surrender.

Fragrance Notes:

Freesia, Musk, Mate Absolute, Cedarwood, Moss

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Soft Tension
SIZE: 50ml
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Soft Tension

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