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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Aether
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Aromatic
Style: Unisex


Methaldone.  He had not given up efforts to synthesize it and had sought advice from the astronaut returning from the International Space Station to recreate this peculiar smell: a new accord built around dynamone belambre®, furnished by the pleasant sweetness and metallic sensation of ambermax®, silvanone®, boisiris®. This fragrance is the scent of space when, having burst through ample atmospheres, you find yourself submerged in the deepest outer limits: the scent of burning metal (an overdose of rosyrane®) greets you as the doors of the space shuttle scarpe open and you step out, for the first time, into the great, starry-black eternal. An olfactory sensation engineered by mixing of high-energy particles, present in the cosmos and space cabin air molecules, Methaldone represents both departure from and an inextricable intimacy with earth: faintly reminiscent of burning narcotics or the smell of fresh money, Methaldone simultaneously encapsulates outer space and the most time-warping materials available on Planet Earth. Ignite the rings of the time space continuum, burst out and into your interspatial identities in this meta-synthetic masterpiece of imagination.

Methaldone by Rodrigo Flores Roux, senior vp @Givaudan NYC, is composed of – “patented synthetic molecules of Givaudan”.

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