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Tauer Perfumes

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Tauer Perfumes

Welcome to the fragrant world of Andy Tauer. He is the creator of Tauer Perfumes and all his creations are artistic expressions, harmonious compositions painted with finest raw materials. In his creations, you can witness his inspiration by nature, by people or places. He developes his fra- grances in his studio in Zurich, mixing trial after trial in order to find the right form and tone. Completely independent and free, Andy Tauer develops evocative scents that you may enjoy like immersive sculptures.

Very Limited SPECIAL OFFER. With your order of L’Oudh 50ml by Tauer you’ll receive Issue 04 of Tauer Magazine, 5ml miniature bottle in tin of L’air du desert Marocain AND a 5ml mini of L’Oudh. This is a very limited offer and applies to online orders only. Shop L’Oudh Now…