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Rouge Bunny Rouge

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Rouge Bunny Rouge

Founder and Creative Director, Alexandra De Montfort ensures every RBR product is innovative, inspiring and delivers on the promise to enhance your natural beauty. She is dedicated to merging craftsmanship with technical prowess and aesthetic vision. For her fragrance collections it was paramount that the brand’s scented signature captured the poetry of the Enchanted Garden with its underlying wistfulness and musing nostalgia for times passed. Just like the eponymous make-up and skincare, the new fragrances are imbued with intrigue, mystery and the ability to transform the wearer into whoever they want to be. For Alexandra, the fragrances and their stories are inextricably linked. Each starts life as a plethora of divergent ideas inspired by the world as seen through her unique viewpoint; then transformed into something unexpected and pure.

For Cosmetics, please see the brand “Rouge Bunny Rouge – Cosmetics”

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