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La Parfumerie Moderne

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La Parfumerie Moderne

A young boy tiptoes his way up the marble staircase of a forgotten palace. At the top floor, he sneaks into a mighty suite. A perfume flask gleams upon a dusty bedside table. Intrigued by the unlabelled phial, the boy investigates. One sniff and his thoughts run wild. ‘Was it left behind by the Indian princess who often stayed in this apartment? The perfume smells of lilac. Where could it possibly come from? Coty, Houbigant, Gabilla, Lentheric? Perhaps the fragrance had been composed expressly for her?’ Little did the boy know that this tiny time capsule straight from the golden age of modern perfumery contained the key to his own future. La Parfumerie Moderne recaptures the magic of this serendipitous find, and expresses the lifelong dream of Philippe Neirinck to create perfumes of transporting, epochal power.

Philippe Neirinck’s delightfully paradoxical desire: to make modern perfume that is grounded, with tantalizing precision, in the past. Neirinck’s preferred perfumed parlance lies somewhere between the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties. This golden age of perfumery, wherein scent expanded both in categorical possibility and consumer accessibility, was a glamorous era, populated by adventurous boundary breakers. The mythical hotels and culture of inter-world travel of this elegant age provide the imagined setting for the scents of La Parfumerie Moderne. It is no coincidence that Marc-Antoine Corticchiato (who hails from Corsica, and is the cutting-edge chemist and nose behind the singular Parfum d’Empire, together with Philippe Neirinck, design fragrance to honor legendary places, both physical and imagined. La Parfumerie Moderne is home to rich, complex creations that defy time and the tyranny of consensus.

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