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Dasein Fragrance

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Dasein Fragrance

Dasein unisex fragrances are hand blended and bottled in the hills of Glassell Park, using raw materials sourced from around the globe including: natural essential oils and absolutes, precise co2 extractions, and modern aroma molecules and isolates. Each blend is made in small batches and sold in boutiques around the world.

Dasein borrows their name from existentialist philosophers Hegel and Heidegger, who used the term ‘Dasein’ (prounounced: DAH-zyne) to define ‘human being’ as the marriage between self awareness and sensual experience. Dasein fragrances aim to awaken both. All Dasein fragrances are vegan, free of parabens and glycols, and never tested on animals.

Update June 2016: FAREWELL TO DASEIN’S SPRING & SUMMER… just a few bottles remain of these two cult favorites… never to be produced again!