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April Aromatics

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April Aromatics

April Aromatics is a natural perfume line, created by the artisanal natural perfumer Tanja Bochnig. Bochnig’s mission is to create perfumes that not only smell good, but make the wearer feel good, from the inside out. All the components that comprise an April Aromatics scent are unique, hand blended with love and care and derived from pure and natural origins whenever possible. Committed to using the highest quality of natural essences available, April Aromatics mix botanical essences in a base of organic grape spirit. No animal derived ingredients are used, with the occasional exception of beeswax extract. Every scent is infused with individually chosen essences of semiprecious stones, which impart a harmonizing energy. For Tanja Bochnig, the energy and intention involved in scent production are the most important components in completing a beautiful bouquet.

‘It is my passion to create beautiful smelling, botanical perfumes and to share the healing power of nature. I strongly believe that people can feel the love and energy I put into my perfumes, may it be conscious or unconscious. Enjoy!’

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